Building on years of inbound project experience, WholeWorld offers a range of services to starting entrepreneurs, non-profits and businesses aiming for systemic evolution. Explore our services below, and see them in action through our Work.

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[t4p_tab title=”Strategize”]

Strategize. Mapping dynamic paths to reach your desired future

An agile approach to strategic goal-setting enables teams to stay on top and ahead of goals and milestones. Strategic assessments and planning range from one-off analyses to long-term support. [/t4p_tab]

[t4p_tab title=”Analyze”]

Analyze. Examining systems for interpretation

Data is generated with every action of you, your team, your partners and clients. With us, you’ll collect, interpret, and communicate the messages your data is telling.

Analysis of this kind is invaluable to makes sense of and communicate complexity. We help identify what types of analysis are crucial for your context, sharing the tools and expertise to implement.   [/t4p_tab]

[t4p_tab title=”Report”]

Report. Provide an account of where you are and what you do

Effective processes for consistent, quality reporting build trust, transparency and communication within teams.

Sustainability reporting is increasingly important for organizations of all sizes. Whether outward-facing or internal, it promotes transparency, accountability and action for your team and community. We work with you on tailored goals and metrics to clearly communicate your success and room for progress.

Newsletters and social media are a vital way to communicate results. We help you keep your people and community informed and inspired with a frequency that suits you best.


[t4p_tab title=”Train”]

Train. Gaining skill, knowledge or experience for better execution

Access ready-to-go and custom training on topics such as powerful presentation and storytelling, network activation, social media management, and topics specific to your industry.

Or, work with us to develop custom curriculum, whether for your team or your audiences.  [/t4p_tab]

[t4p_tab title=”Facilitate”]

Facilitate. To make easier; move forward

Take advantage of customized facilitation for meetings, events and workshops so your team can focus on contributing. Collaboratively planned and professionally delivered. [/t4p_tab]