Current Work

Master Recycler Vancouver

The 5 R's are just the start (Re-think, -fuse, -duce, -use, -cycle)

Master Recycler Vancouver

Co–founded and co-facilitating community and business education on all aspects of waste prevention and reduction, since 2015.

Living Systems Network

A part of and apart from the current economy

Living Systems Network

A peer-to-peer network in Vancouver creating regenerative community models addressing challenges such as food security in urban settings.

Organics Recovery

Saving food and feeding our soils through organics recycling

Promoting organics processing

Multiple projects engaged in researching and propagating knowledge and practices of organics recycling to recover value from wasted resources and feed our soils.

Compostable Foodware

A home for food-soiled packaging

Compostable Foodware Study

Working with industry and non-profit partners to study and spread information and methods for field testing compostable foodware and designing for compostability.


A hub for reclaiming and reuse in the built environment

Materials Innovation and Learning Lab

Aligned businesses co-locating to streamline collection, upcycling, remanufacture and retail of reclaimed building materials.

Whole Trade

Investigating globally sourced sustenance

Globally sourced sustenance

Mapping global food resources produced sustainably and regeneratively which compliment local nutritional profiles, to catalyze new direct trade.




Past Work

Client: LUSH

Can we compost that?

LUSH Product Assessment

Assessing LUSH North America’s products for suitability in compost and anaerobic digestion, from bath bombs to shower gels.

Client: NZWC

Design for zero waste

National Zero Waste Council

From 2014-2017, creating the NZWC Design Portfolio and a publication series and case study on compostable foodware.

Client: BC SWRC

Collaborative solid waste research

BC Solid Waste Research Collaborative

In 2016, consulted on website and social media account creation, and the collaborative’s success metrics.